The Idea



Red Line ION ads:


Falling Objects (2004)

Skateboarder (2004)

BMW or Saturn? (2005)


Saturn brand ads (available on request):


2005 ads

Cruisin' (2005 Red Line VUE)


2004 ads

Beautiful (all 2004 Saturn models)*

Door Music (2004 ION QC and sedan)*

People First trio - Philosophy, Convoy and Door Music (all 2004 Saturn models)*

Motocross (2004 Red Line VUE)*

Trail of Stuff (2004 VUE)

Wakeboarder (2004 Red Line VUE)*


2003 ads

24 hour test drive (all 2003 Saturn models)*

Childhood (2003 ION sedan)*

Clowns (2003 ION QC and sedan)*

College (2003 ION QC)*

Furniture (2003 ION QC)*

Groom (2003 ION sedan)*

L200 introduction (2003 redesigned L-series)

Pac Man (2003 VUE)

People Shopping (all 2003 Saturn models)*

Prom (2003 ION sedan)*

Sheetmetal (2003 line introduction)

Tarzan (2003 VUE)

Wedding (2003 ION sedan)*


2002 ads

Hare (2002 VUE)*

Lizard (2002 VUE)*

Ants (2002 VUE)

Used Cars (2002 Used Car promo)*


2001 ads

Creation (2001 Full Line and VUE preview)

Keep America Rolling (2001 interest-free promo)


2000 and earlier ads

Somebody order a Saturn? (1999 webpage promo)

No Hassle (99? Financing)

Factory tour (97 or 98?, Factory tour promo)

Jelly Donuts (97? Dealership network)

Porsche Owner (97? SC2 racer)

300,000 mile seat (95? SL2)

Writer (93 factory philosophy)

Teacher (92 factory philosophy)

David McDavid (92 Dealership philosophy)


Homecoming videos:

Homecoming '99 post-advertisement

Homecoming '99 pre-advertisement

Homecoming '99 planning


Keep watching this page, as I am constantly adding new commercials! If you have any commercials to contribute, let me know!


To request a commercial, send an email, and include an email address which can receive large files. These addresses are usually provided by Gmail, AOL, Mac, and most colleges.

If several people ask for a commercial, it will be posted on this page.

The request system is to keep the bandwidth load down on this website.


* - denotes a commercial that was provided by Saturn of Honolulu. Please visit their Audio/Visual page at

Special thanks to Barry Smith for the 2005 Red Line ads.

Special thanks to Charlie for the Saturn Sky ad.