Thank you for your interest in the Red Line ION registry system.

Our goal is to get as complete as possible a registry of Red Line ION owners, their cars, and specific information relating to them. This information includes VIN numbers, purchase and manufacture dates, factory and aftermarket options and location. We would like to organize all the cars by VIN number, to see how they fall in manufacturing order, as well as to see what order the vehicles were purchased in.

If you are concerned about your privacy, all VIN numbers will be kept confidential except for the last 6 digits, unless otherwise requested. The last 6 digits show the sequence of production. If there is any information you feel uncomfortable with being published, it will be kept confidential upon request. The registry is created and maintained by the webmaster of this page, Kat Jones, who is the only person with access to the complete information.

The registry is formatted for view in Microsoft Excel and is currently available by request only.


Please submit your information to We ask you to send either your complete VIN number (preferred) or last 6 digits, vehicle color, factory options, aftermarket modifications, purchase date, manufacture date (if known - can be found through Saturn CAC), production sequence number (found above the VIN on the window sticker), the vehicle's current location (City, State/Province), and the retailer that the vehicle was purchased at, as well as your name, and your ION's name if it has one.